Wood Veneer
Wall Panel Design

By crossing the pattern of a wood slice, the wall panel produces the feeling of warmth, which cannot be seen in mass production. A handcrafted product has a genuine value that redefines the meaning of luxury.

|  Designer Hyelim Lim


A delicate hand-made process has more intrinsic value than a mass produced machine product. Generally, hand-made products had low marketability due to quite expensive prices. However, I chose to produce a handcrafted wood veneer wall panel to show craftsmanship in the interior market of South Korea. To overcome the shortcoming of the expensive price, I found a way to sell a hand-made wood veneer wall panel product at an affordable price.


Because Young-Lim had already been the number one in wall panel business in South Korea, the company didn’t need to produce additional wall products that the general public liked. Therefore, I wanted to come up with high-end products to target the upper class.

Low-Pressure Melamine (LPM) or High-Pressure Melamine (HPM) were usually used to make wall panels because of a cheap price. But, both LPM and HPM couldn't embody the real texture and natural finish of the wood. So, I used wood veneer wall panels to show more natural textures and a special pattern that had not been seen in the past.

The pattern of the wall was designed by matching with patterns of other wood veneer wall panel products of Young-Lim. By the way, the pattern I designed can be produced only through handcraft, because the pattern needs to be manually checked to make sure that the pattern is properly crossed along the wood grain.


1. Those who want to remodel an interior of their business
    in a naturally luxurious mood.
2. Those seeking to have a very impressive interior concept in their house


Two-layered Pattern, Wood Veneer, Handmade, High-end, Optical Illusion, Grey Ash Wood


First of all, I researched and contacted possible partner companies. After taking tours and conducting interviews, a company was chosen as a partner. In the next step, I kept improving design samples until I gained a satisfying outcome. After finish developing the design samples, I went through the design evaluation process within and outside of our company. A design sample with the highest vote was chosen as the final design pattern. After that, the wood veneer wall panel with the design pattern was released to the public.