Two Tone
Painting Panel

Inspired by the pattern of tree leaves, the two-colored panel imbues a wall with three-dimensionality. The panel delivers a sense of elegance, meeting the unique, decorative interior design needs in the suburban areas of Korea.

|  CMF & Design  Hyelim Lim, Yeonjung Son 

Even though color washing techniques have been applied to create the feeling of coziness in various interior spaces, they were not frequently used in designing three-dimensional interior materials. In this project, I applied the color washing technique to three-dimensional painting panels to create new, elegant patterns. These patterns were designed not to look too artistic, but to create a sense of high-end antiques.

Three dimensional painting panels has gained popularity in the suburban areas of Korea because of their ease of installation and unique decorative effects.  However, Young-Lim’s market share in 3-D painting panels had been declining despite the growing popularity and it was a concern for the company. After doing some research on customers’ needs on 3-D painting panels, I found that Young-Lim’s design of the panels failed to meet the specific needs of target customers. As a painting panel is about 20% more expensive than the alternatives (e.g. Low Pressure Melamine panels), it turned out that customers expect more elegant design. However, Young-Lim’s 3-D painting panels failed to provide such sense of elegance, rather looking old-fashioned.

As an attempt to regain the market share, I came up with an idea to use multiple wall colors to introduce novel visual effects which cannot be seen in other manufacturers’ 3-D painting panels and to meet the market demand. I found two-toned coloring techniques can accomplish our goal, making panels look more elegant while keeping the similar price range.

1. Middle-aged(40 - 50s) people living in the rural areas of Korea such as Gyeongsangnam-do or  Gangwon-do.
2. Rental business operators who model the interior of the building.

Evaluating design patterns > Selecting 4 patterns > Making samples > Choosing samples for the evaluation > Performing customer survey on new designed products > Revising the design based on the survey > Finalizing the design > Inspecting the final product

After evaluating design patterns and conducting a customer survey, the new product line was launched in 3 different colors in 2018: Milky Silver, Soft Beige, and Rose Brown.