SEP - DEC  2019

Reinvigorating Ballet Experience through mordern technology

Studio 22 aims to revitalize Ballet experience so that it appeals to the new young generation by bridging the gap between Ballet and GenZ.

My Role
UI/UX Design, User Research, Storytelling, Prototyping
Hyelim Lim,
Poonam Patel,
You Zhang

Christopher Pross (Lippincott),
Roger Mader (Ampersand),
Criswell Lappin (Bigtincan)
Lippincott (Student Project]

Interactive Demo

Prototyping - Mobile application

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Interactive demo
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Video demo

01 - Problem Context 

1. Ballet has been lost popularity over the years

Ballet is dying because it has a static reputation. There are many more types of performing arts shows in the industry today, and Ballet isn't the most popular choice. From 2004 until now, Google Trends shows a steady decline in the interest of these top ballet companies.

2. Attended mostly
by seniors and Ballet enthusiasts

My team watched the New York City Ballet performance to observe the current situation of the Ballet industry. After interviewing fifteen viewers selected randomly, most of the audience turned out to be seniors or Ballet fans who have already watched Ballet more than once

Primary Research 

1. Who is GenZ?

GenZ is the demographic cohort after the millennials. They will be the youngest, most ethnically diverse, and the largest generation in American history. Generally, it includes 16-23 years, but my team narrows the age scope into 18-23 years old who can earn and spend money on watching performances.

Main features: Tech-savvy, digital natives, all about videos, multi-tasking
Most popular apps: Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat

2. Why Ballet?

From a business perspective, the Ballet industry could be a blue ocean. In the case of the circus industry, Cirque de Soleil is a pioneer that has created a new type of circus performance and gained enormous profit. If my team suggests an innovative form of a Ballet performance, it could revitalize the business as with Cirque de Soleil.

Above all, traditional Ballet has the potential to be innovated. Because choreography and music of Ballet are the basis of contemporary dance&music such as Hip-hop and pop that GenZers like.

3. Competitor Analysis

User Research

1. Empathy map

2. Insights on users

➊ Tech-savvy
Considering how much time GenZ spends on digital devices, they are drawn to tech-driven experiences.

➋ Interactive
Because they are all about gaming and videos. They like being engaged through experiences that they can participate in.

➌ Relevant but differenciated
They are not interested in the “Generic.” They like experiences that stand out and they can resonate with.

3. Synthesizing insights


① Using modern technologies
to enable Gen Z’s participation in the Ballet experience.
② We created an experience layer
over the existing genre of contemporary Ballet.