Silk-screened Patterned
Wardrobe Design

| Art Director & Product Design Hyelim Lim
| Photo Studio Tank


This silk-screened wardrobe was designed to go well with typical modular furniture. The pattern that transformed nostalgic fabric into a modernistic style has the power to turn the atmosphere of a room into cozy and warm.

In modern society, plenty of modular rectangular furniture is available. So, when designing this silk-screened wardrobe, I referenced Piet Mondrian’s work to match the typical furniture style. 
Depending on the angle of sunlight or artificial lighting, the color of the wardrobe looks different. The gloss of the wardrobe makes a modern space feel cozy.


I compared two major competitors with similar products and business models of Young-Lim to find out unique features of Young-Lim and what Young-Lim needed to improve.


Other than solid style wardrobes, Young-lim wanted to have a different style wardrobe that could represent the company.

Because interior design with bright colors and cozy styles was always popular in South Korea, I created a simple and sophisticated patterned wardrobe instead of making an experimental one. Also, I used a silk-screen technique to set my design apart from solid style wardrobes, because the silk-screen ink had subdued tone and gloss.


The targeted users were classified into two categories:
newly married couples (25-35 years) and professional females (36-46 years).

According to a survey, the interior decision maker of newlyweds tended to be a woman. Also, they liked minimalistic and trendy styles. Professional customers had a clearer idea of what they want. They usually sticked to a certain color that they had tried in the past. And they liked warm colors of the furniture.


After developing the fabric pattern, the color testing was conducted. PET boards and silk screen ink were used for test. The proportion of the ink was a key factor. After going through an extensive testing and evaluation process, the final color was chosen. After mixing rose gold color 60% and brown color 40%, the mixed color was printed on the greige color PET board.


According to the ordered size of wardrobes, the proportion of pattern is transformed.


Because target groups were women, I made the atmosphere of the studio bright and warm.