Reversal of Fortune for e-Waste

| Design & Research  Hyelim Lim
| Advisor Juhyun Yoon
| Client  SKTelecom


Ushering in an era of environmental crises, this infographic easily explains the process of recycling of e-Waste and arouses people’s attention to e-Waste.

In the midst of environmental issues, it is becoming more challenging for the IT business to earn profits in an ordinary way. Above all, recycling might be the most appropriate solution for the business. The best resource for recycling is e-Waste. Because numerous valuable metals are used to make electronic products, IT-related business can get great benefits by reusing them. Therefore, this project suggested an estimated value of recycling e-Waste and a recycling process in detail.


Even if South Korea cannot produce raw material used for making electronic devices within Korea, Korean consumers change their cell phones in the shortest period time in Asia. In addition, not only the smartphones but laptops and televisions are replaced quickly.



In the project, I referenced the book <Green IT> had published in South Korea. With the infographic design, I wrote an article in regard to e-Waste and made several charts and graphs to explain recycling visually.