Retro Style Interior Sheet Design

| CMF & Design Hyelim Lim, Sumin Jeon
| Photo Park& Studio


Colors of the sheet would invoke the retro mood of people. With the color combination, people will not be bored with interior design and be able to create an affluent space.

Three solid colors are reminiscent of the American pop culture in the 1960s, which came back as a trend in 2018-2019. The combination of the colors aims to bring a retro mood to people and to remind them of the past. The color combination is harmoniously arranged with warm grey, orange and navy colors of retro sentiment to suit a modern style. By adding grainy finish to the surface of the sheet, people feel antique and natural texture when they touch the walls or doors covered by the sheets.


① Those who seek an interior material for business such as a conceptual cafe and a retro style restaurant.
② People who want to make interior point walls or doors to remodel their houses.


Careful target selection of sheet sampling was required in the trend research and developing process because I had to add colors to different textures such as coated & uncoated paper, sheet, wood, and plastic. The reason is that the way to make a color sheet was quite different from printing. Compared with other patterned sheets, solid colors were more difficult to embody. So, I had to test color samples continuously throughout the process.


To take photo shoots of a new product, the studio needed to be designed in a retro style. To maximize the retro concept, I designed an interior set with a geometric-patterned wall. In addition, I supervised the entire interior photoshoot process.


In the photo shoot set, the retro sheet also applied to the modern retro style door. Because interior sheets are usually promoted with doors and wall panels, visualizing the space where the sheets are applied to doors and walls is one of the important processes.