01 - Problem Context

1. Business Goal: Inconvenient online booking service & failure to utilize customer data

Fellow Barber’s customers should go through more than five steps to book an appointment online. This process is inconvenient for customers, and the customers still send text messages or call in for a reservation. Other competitors in the market often provide users with a better booking experience.
Moreover, even though they collect customer feedback, they do not fully leverage them to improve the quality of service or to run effective customer loyalty programs.

2. Customers needs:  Negative feedback on Google&Yelp reviews

From our observation in barbershop, we found that customers might feel uncomfortable to give negative feedback nearby barbers. Many critical reviews on Yelp and Google express their dissatisfaction with individual barbers; for example, the barber is not good at the hairstyle that they want or misinterprets the wants of the client, which leads to a bad haircut.