Reach out to someone that I would like to meet through my network

While I was working on the project related to SVA mentoring service, I discovered that SVA MFA Product Design program(POD) operates their mentoring service. Then, I was interested in interviewing people studying in Product design program. One of my friends, Fan, has friends in POD program so she introduced some of them to me. First, I reached out to Mia but we could not meet due to a personal reason. Then, I texted Wen who was available at that time. We talked to each other for about 40 mins.

1. The 1st trial - Mia

2. The 2nd trial - Wen

It was a pleasant experience interacting with people studying in another program although I felt a little awkward to video-call somebody who I did not know. I was surprised that we were able to easily get close to each other by sharing an experience with the mutual friend, Fan. Mia and Wen became friends of mine. We keep in touch from time to time. This experience allows me to think about the importance of networking and friendship.