Laminated Patterned Glass
Wardrobe Design

| Art Director&Product Design Hyelim Lim
| Assistant Researcher Sangkyu Kim  
| Photo Studio Tank


The combination of bronze mirrors and translucent patterned glasses is harmonious and refined. By targeting the high-end market in South Korea, the wardrobe offers a sense of luxury and elegance to people.

Seen from a distance, the wardrobe looks minimalistic. But, when you look at the wardrobe closely, the wardrobe’s pattern looks detailed and sparkling. When you open the door, hangers inside of the wardrobe are lightened automatically and shine translucent patterned glass doors, which makes the product more luxurious. The light on the hangers will be retained for a while even after closing the door. So, you can look through clothes again after you close the door.


I compared two major competitors with similar products and business models of Young-Lim to find out unique features of Young-Lim and what Young-Lim needed to improve.


Because Young-Lim was not selling high-end wardrobes, the company was not the market leader.

Consumers tend to buy products of a company with products for the upper-class even if they don’t have a plan to buy the high-end products. The reason is that people are hard to give an attention to all levels of customers because consumers usually tend to decide to buy the product by seeing the best quality of the company’s product even if they will not buy it.


1. People in their 40-50s considering remodeling their house
2. Men in their 30s with a specialized job (annal income over $70,000)


While communicating with a partner company that produced glass, I became interested in shatter-resistant film for glass that was opaque and glittering silver color. By punching the film to make a pattern, I achieved both effects that were making the pattern glass shatter-resistant and sophisticated. To enhance the effect of translucence, bronze glass was used. At the back side of the glass, the patterned film was attached. On the front side, the pattern was printed with ink. Two-layered pattern produces sentiment of profound dignity.