Individual Project
Project duration 
2 weeks, 2020

Geegoo is a location-based social network service that provides users individualized information based on their network and personal history.

Information overfloods on the social network service. Nowadays people start to weigh on reliable information from their networking instead of trusting  online reviews. Other than using big data from someone who people do not know, Geegoo intends to offer trustworthy reviews to users. By studying Google’s social network service failures, this project uses Google’s service to pursue feasibility.

Problem Context

1. What users think

2. Business: Google’s five times failures    View Case study Slides  
We all fail sometimes and learn from our own mistakes or blunders. Huge tech giants like Google or Amazon are no exceptions. Even though they carefully design and implement their new products, their products sometimes fail to attract users due to unattractive user experience (UX) design.

This project analyzes several known SNS(Social Network Service) failure stories of Google, one of the largest tech giants in the market, with billions of daily users. Through the research, there are two typical reasons that Google has failed to create successful SNS services.

● A one-size-fits-all medium cannot exist
Based on a case study of Google, there is no single SNS service that works for all situations. They may as well stop to tie up with their successful products. Rather than integrating various features, creating salient attributes is vital because users always have other options. Also, the steep learning curve followed by aggregating many services.

● Find the element that keeps users engaged
When it comes to maintaining online interpersonal relationships, designers should consider where people are engaged. The entertainment is the key to seize users even if a service goal is not about fun.

Primary Research

Secondary Research

User Archetypes

 Key insights 

① People are indecisive when there are too many reviews.
② Main SNS users (GenZ and Millenials) do not fully trust data available online.
③ Main SNS users are inclined to follow friends and family’s advice other than influencers and celebrities.

User Journey Map

Product blueprint



In-site experience

Future scope

Google is a giant search engine driven company. Their core product is not a social networking service. That is why several failures did not affect Google’s overall business. However, it is their lifelong problem to solve because almost all people have Google accounts. Therefore, this project would be beneficial because social network service would be significant asset and potential to grow up the business.


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