Game On: Guess Who


I did playtesting with six BFA illustration students.

(1) Community

(2) How to play

(3) What I learned & Next steps
    a. Proactive players
They removed the first rule depending on their thought that the revised rule would make the game more fun.

    b. Require improved rules
Some players complain about the time rule. Depending on guessers, they count time in a different speed. For example, one guesser count time with a phone. But the other gusser do not use a phone and randomly count time by assuming.
 c.  Diversify card themes
Depending on countries, ages, and sex, popular people are different. It was hard to come up with famous celebrities or characters that everyone knows. I might create diverse card themes depending on specific target groups such as Babyboommers, K-POP lovers, and so forth. In addition, I might create different themes of cards such as vehicles.

(4) Examples of the game result