Make 50 followers

Apr. 30th

Promote the project to the public

I created an new account on Instagram. I posted my work process whenever I have a progress.

My game is about drawing portrait and guessing who it is. I got a lot of  drawings from participants when I did game testing. Once I have interesting images, posting on social media was an easy task.


I started it from scratch with no followers and achieved 57 followers after finishing ‘Game on’ project.

•   As I feel confident about my contents, I enjoy posting them beyond thinking that it is for an assignment.
•  Adding a lot of hashtags helps me to increase followers who I do not know. Also, it increases ‘Likes.’
•   Managing social media needs a lot of effort and time.
•   Promotion had better start with people who I know. It makes the project connect to the other network.
•   Contiunous posting is the most important to promote. The number of followers has been static since I posted the last image.