Explore ‘Dongducheon’

| Project Leader  Hyelim Lim
| Team Members Yejin Wi, Chorok Shin, Minyoung Kim
| Project Site  Dongducheon, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea


Dongducheon area has a unique hidden history.
This project inspires people to realize the worth of this city.

With the worldwide K-pop boom, I was curious about the beginning of Korean pop music. Throughout the research, I found out that ‘Dongducheon’ region was the cornerstone of Korean Rock & Pop music. By using the concept of Treasure Island, I wanted to arouse people’s curiosity about the city. I traced the history of the area, searched information of Korean music stars related to the area, and collected their songs. The output of the project was an infographic map and a vinyl.


Because U.S. troops stationed in Dongducheon for a long time, the area was limited to development due to the troops. So, Dongducheon is the most underdeveloped and notoriously unsafe area near Seoul, the capital of Korea. Despite the disadvantage, this project successfully created a new, positive city branding of Dongducheon by emphasizing the fact that Dongducheon played a significant role in Korean music history.


1. Overcoming negative city images.
- Getting over the underdeveloped ‘army city’ image and creating new positive outcomes.
2. Considering the change of the buying public.
- After the U.S. military withdrawal in 2017, the future consumers were changed from the US army and foreigners to Koreans.
3. Utilizing the historical and geographical characteristics of Dongducheon.
- Developing the regionality that both foreigner and Korean can enjoy.


1. Students (aged 14-19) who lived in the Capital area
2. Dongducheon residents
3. Foreign travelers

Along the line with the change of the future consumer, the project aimed to promote the region to the local, especially to students.


Firstly, understanding Dongducheon’s history and background about U.S. troops in the area were important for the project. Research on references was preceded before a field survey. Then, I went to Dongducheon and interviewed residents in regard to the present situation and history of Dongducheon.

Another important process was the classification and analysis of Dongducheon area artists.


The concept of the map is an old and hidden treasure map of an island on the sea. Four colors mean the group who affected each other. In each group, the best influencer of the group has a crown. Also, the size of the circle means popularity of that time. Special issues are written in text boxes nearby the relevant group. Specifically, the biggest issue ‘Marihuana scandal’ in 1975 is illustrated as an octopus that attacks the ship. ‘Marihuana scandal’ is a political scandal that Korean government deliberately made innocent rock musicians sentence to several years in jail. The government claimed that the musicians contributed to making the public to become anti-government through rock music.


I designed a vinyl record cover and recorded well-known Korean music that had stemmed from Dongducheon in 1950~1990s in a vinyl record.