Team members: Xiaofang Fan, Hyelim Lim, Yuan Chen, Bowen Shen

Cubeverse is a 6*6 inch interactive cube. The player constantly changes the performance of lightings inside the cube, by flipping the cube around in hand.

“Give me a firm spot on which to stand, and I shall move the earth.”
— Archimedes

Most of the time we human beings are deterred from making moves by natural power. Our team shrinks the universe into the size a hand can hold, letting the player empowered. This playful project indicates that even tiny efforts do make a difference. Even a little push by finger counts. We hope that the player can be inspired and fearless.

Idea Sketches
Working Process & Schematic

Different thoughts emerged when we were designing the interior structure of the cube. We wanted the LEDs to have different depths. But we could not attached objects to the translucent surfaces, as the dark areas would become conspicuous when the cube illuminates. We also wanted a non-destructive way to open the cube for debugging.

The final plan was to make the bottom side opaque in order to hide the circuit. There would be an opening on the bottom side that enables us to take the circuit out. Also, there are a few pillars that could be interconnected, meanwhile the LEDs could be attached to the interconnections, creating a sense of depth.

How it works: