Two communities


(1) Who likes drawing
People often think drawing is a private, solo activity. When people participate in drawing clubs, they draw their own work and review each other. Even though they share similar tastes and values, people rarely draw together.  

Game ideation
  1.  What if I give players a limited time to draw? 
  2.  What if I make multiple players draw one picture?
  3.  What if I limit the topic of drawing?
  4.  What if I limit colors and tools?
  5.  What if the game makes people not think about the quality?

(2) Who moved to US from other countries
The second group I chose is people who moved to US. America has a number of immigrants, international students, and foreign workers. I am also one of international students who moved to NYC. While I get used to the new environment, I barely keep in touch with family and friends in my hometown. And I realized that other international students have similar experience although they miss their hometown friends and family.

Game ideation
  1.  What if I make a game to encourage the target group to get in touch with people in their hometown?
  2.  What if the game help players get in touch with people whom they did not contact for a long time?
  3.  What if I limit the contents of message?