Cold E-mail


By sending a cold email, I aim to reach out to a stranger who I would like to communicate with.

One of the alumni sent an email about the internship program to Steven, a director of operation in IXD program. I am interested in the company where she is working for so I reached out to the designer via email. She replied to me shortly. She lives in SF so we had a brief virtual meeting.

1. Cold email

2. Her reply

3. Reply

4. Video meeting

I learned that people are more willing to help others than I thought. I expected that she would not respond or answer the questions via email. However, she was eager to help and talk to me. Apart from the questions about the internship, we also had a friendly conversation about living and working in US. Because she has a similar background in graphic design like me, she sympathized with my concerns. Also, she gave me great advice on what traits UX designers should have.