Home-made Switch

A Homemade Switch


I came up with the idea of making the nose of the Rudolph-shaped magnet light up when attached to the fridge; however, I did not make sure that MAGNET conducts electricity. After testing the circuit, I found the conductivity varies depending on the power of magnets. 
So I chose a cylinder neodymium magnet because a ceramic magnet and a flat neodymium magnet are not strong enough to light up a LED.
These are tools for making a switch.
Instead of a 9V battery, I chose a small coin battery to put inside the Rudolph.
To attach a red LED to the nose, I scrubbed the inside of the product.
Then, I connected to the wires and a resistor (470 Ohm) and pulled out the “ㅡ” wire outside.

At the first trial, I wished LED kept lighting up when attached to the magnet. However, the inside circuit was broken when I detached it because of the strong magnetic force.

* To solve the problem, I need to figure out how to firmly connect the wire and the battery against the magnetic force.

Additionally, I tried a different way pushing the wire to the magnet with fingers. This is much easier way to make the LED light up.

This is the drawing that shows how the circuit works.