Three ideas for the $1,000 project


How might we help people who have unhealthy&unsustainable life-styles discover a new way to change their daily routine?
As with vegan trends, the interest for the healthy and sustainable life is increasing over the years. However, the trend is inclined to focus on eating. What if we make the interest go further towards other areas such as exercising, clothing, and housing?

How might we help international students get used to use U.S system of measurement/cultures so that they can easily adjust to the new environment?
Many international students/immigrants live in U.S. One of the obstacles that makes them confused would be unfamiliar American cultures and different measurement system.  

How might we help junior UX/UI/Graphic designers reduce mistakes of final visual works so that they feel more confident about their decision?
Designers used to be in charge of finalizing the project. They should be sensitive about tiny details for creating better products. However, junior designers sometimes make trivial yet important mistakes when finalizing their projects. It would be risky because sometimes small mistakes have a big impact on the overall business.